Welcome to World Tic Tac Toe
World TTT is a project that will allow anyone in any part of the world play "head to head" Tic Tac Toe over the Internet using a web browser.

The goal is to have a fully customizable, graphical, and international, multi-player tic tac toe game that runs efficiently from a MySQL database.

08-19-04 : ver 0.6 released
01-22-04 : ver 0.5 released
01-21-04 : ver 0.4 released
01-08-04 : ver 0.3 released
01-06-04 : ver 0.2 released
01-05-04 : ver 0.1 (started website design)
01-04-04 : Started World TTT project

About World Tic Tac Toe